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About Pintados

The painting ‘Pintados’


Pintados.co.uk was developed by artist Liz Allen in Brighton in 2000.  The website was named after an area in northern Chile called Pintados de Atacama, where Liz visited in 1997, and  which had inspired a series of paintings.  The Pintados de Atacama are pre-Colombian drawings which have been scratched into the surface of the mountains there, and they include some fascinating images.  

Liz Allen

Pintados Healing Art

In 2002 Liz met Keith Beasley, a teacher and author of Reiki and self-development topics. Comparing and contrasting art and healing as paths for personal growth they developed the web site, and a range of workshops, together under the banner Pintados Healing Art.

Keith Beasley
aka The Algarve Owl

In 2005 they moved, to a new home in Portugal. They found and renovated the farmhouse which became Quinta Pintados. Here they merged the inspiration, peace and beauty of the Algarve with their healing and teaching abilities to offer not just workshops and colourful paintings but retreats.

In 2009 Keith moved to Wales to undertake postgraduate research (for more, follow link above). Although Keith and Liz are no longer together (the reason for the sale) they remain good friends and supportive of each other’s new lives.